Physics Is Out To Get Me

by Michael Knight

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Jigsaw Records 2015

"The missing link between Belle & Sebastian and The Monochrome Set...For lovers of smart-pop's a doozy." The Irish Times 4/5
"Was leicht und nonchalant daherkommt, kippt immer wieder ins Sperrige und Schräge. Das Beste an der Platte: die originellen, neurotischen Texte, die wie Kurzgeschichten sind. Etwa die vom Schneemann, der die Wintersonne verflucht und sich über die Kinder ärgert, die ihn gebaut haben. Oder die von den Qualen des Schreibens: 'What possessed me to write this stupid shit?' Dummer Scheiß? Ach was, großartiger Scheiß." Zitty Berlin
"This album is an excellent way to get holiday cheer without actually listening to holiday music" When You Motor Away

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released November 20, 2015

Very Best Musicians:
Andrea Augustin – Vox on 2, 6
Michael Cleare – Vox on 1, 2, 8
Hui-Chun Lin – Cello on 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Timothy Lalonde – Vox on 2, 8
Robbin Langer – Trombone on 1, 2, 8, 12
Hannah Permanetter – Vox on 2
Anja Schiebold – Tenor Saxophone on 1, 2, 8, 12
Ambika Thompson – Vox on 2, 6, 9
Monta Wermann – Violin on 1, 2, 6, 8, 12
Elisabeth Wood – Vox on 2
Steffen Zimmer – Trumpet on 1, 2, 6, 8, 12, Flugelhorn on 5

Self-Professed Musicians:
Richard Murphy – Guitar, Bass, Piano, Vox
Martin Petersdorf – Drums, Percussion

Music by Murphy/Petersdorf
Words and Arrangements by Murphy
Produced by Murphy/Petersdorf
Recorded and Mixed by Simon Berckelman at Golden Retriever Studios, Berlin
Mastered by Guy Sternberg at Lowswing Studio, Berlin
Artwork by Adrian Williams



all rights reserved


Michael Knight Berlin, Germany

A mutually parasitic but sadly inescapable marriage of the stylish black humour of Vladimir Nabokov and the sophisticated pop sensibilities of Burt Bacharach, they're staying together despite a reproduction-necessitated hiatus, and all the bickering, for the sake of DA KIDS. After the twee pop and orchestral melodrama of the previous releases, they're now making guitar-based chamber music... ... more

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Track Name: Physics is Out to Get Me
You're comprised of throbbing neural cells
Green and red and blue and yellow what would tetrachromats see?
Spikes inside electrochemicals
Besides happy and/or crappy what new weirdness could we feel?

E follows D, follows C
Why is there something and not just nothing?
C follows B, follows A, and that’s where it ends, ok?
What’s outside? How did it start and will it all end ok?

Now is just one point in history
Why am I now? Why am I here? Someone solve this mystery!
Not the start, the end, the trough or peak
Will we die out? Will we spread out? Will our information keep?

E follows D, follows C
Why is there something and not just nothing?
C follows B, follows A, before that no-one can say
Whereof one cannot speak...maybe one should not try to say
Track Name: Clichés
Though the morning commute drags for some
I've long started my day
Iterating through opening plays
Something funny'd be nice
Maybe I'll refer to that sci-fi show that's on Wednesday nights

Quick, hide, escape
Him this early is more than I can take
Slowly explaining dull undertakings

So I went to the doctor and said:
“Is it all in my head?”
Then I went on to elaborate...
Even though I could cite
Published research she yawned and said my symptoms were somewhat trite

Quick, hide, escape
“Greetings earthlings” is more than I can take
Quotes, health defects, topical digests, morbid requests

Oh this makes me so very depressed
When I try to explain eyes glaze over, mouths say “must catch the train”

I don't know exactly
When it first became clear
Maybe that that girl's party
Someone said “here's to drink!”
And that reminded me of the line
“Cause of and solution to all of life's problems!”
But before I could speak they were mocking me

I can’t spend my whole life repeating the same fucking things!
Crap here's someone, I've to think...quick...
Oh it's too funny...

What the hell? How the -? Could there after all be invention in me?!
Let's see who laughs at who no-ow!

Oh it's too funny
Watching his face
Glow from believing
We think he's great

I don’t understand this, but I now seem hilarious
Even pausing too long's treated as some timing genius
Now my old anecdotes oh I feel so spontaneous
They think I'm great!
Track Name: Blugh
I'll take a quick look to see what's going on
Some dog's gone viral, some guy's gone wrong

There must be something that's fun but won't take long
I might feel less boring, if I send it on
And dimly feel this is where my life's gone wrong

This ends today!

After a quick look to see what's going on
Track Name: Life Hacks #36 and #37
The old ones, as they sailed west sent warnings, but our route's different
I should have had prostate checks..ahhhhh
And yet it's as they described before they fell from sight
It's lonely here where the fog keeps vessels from sight

Next month I'll have time to write chapter two
I think I'd like to open a bed and breakfast
I'll incorporate all the distractions
Last year's plans didn't come to pass, but now you’ve
I'll spend less time sitting on my ass, though that's sort of research
Sent a link with lots of ways to improve...hi...
When-I've-time I'll get that opening line...

With my new fitness regime I’ll help my concentrating
More push-ups, Iyengar each week, maybe swimming
From inbox zero I’ll gain fifteen percent more forebrain
Just three sweeps daily and then things will change
Track Name: Being and Snowthingness
Stupid kids! Why did they have to build me
Without a comprehensive theory...of subjectivity...

I can’t even see if anyone walks past each day; hedge is in the way
But while drunks laugh and pee on me, my thoughts are still free, someday you all will see!

Come evening my head will be gone
Curse you, winter sun!
Track Name: Fright at the Museum
I don’t have this problem when I take a flight
Though envying ground crews not risking their lives
Yes bridge crossing is a different kind of plight
Can I make halfway before I blow?

Still somewhat confused I join the slowest queue
At this rate I’ll end up being a mummy too
But keeping composed, so no-one looks at you
Is hard when your heart is exploding

The view from the edge is really something!
There's only one way back out
A giant glass spiral staircase, woah!
You can see right down...

These roomfulls of ornate caskets make me spin
Now I've to retrace the route where I came in
Through sepulchral halls echoing “death will win”
Come on people steps are for walking!

Though somewhat relieved, that cost ten ninty-nine
And all that waiting anxiously in a line
To miss the main exhibit while losing my mind
Track Name: A Switch in Time, Leporine
What a fright!, I got the shovel.
Hid the crime...oh, his legs were troublesome.
...I thought his ears were that colour!
There's still time; marker’s fine!
Track Name: Miss Anthropy
I fall on my face
A sabotaged lace!
You protest innocence...
Nothing to do with crap last minute presents

Remember our first date?
I blathered on for ever
Oblivious to your increasingly drowsy face

Others were boring, bored, or at best somewhat insane
You are the only one who’s willing to entertain

Whatever you want…
In country or in town...I will search it out
Whenever you'd like
...and faster if you frown

I’ve told you how it grates
When you don't clear your plate
Yes yes it took too long
And still was undercooked but this ain't your song

Ever want me again?
Don’t disdain my single-tasking brain
You might be president, but over congress I hold sway

You’re intolerant, crotchety, vain and always late
And so the only one to whom I can relate

The trees’ ensnared feet
Obey the street
So they can’t also socially arborise; they compromise

Prisoners of planners’ taste
They awkwardly embrace
I might be shedding top leaves but there ends the analogy, my great free chosen friend!
Although you drive me round the bend
You are the only one on whom I can depend

Whoever you want…
I'll pick them up for you
However you’d like…
Simply point them one or maybe two
Track Name: Sure, Call Over!
I don't know why you call
When there's no answer here, nobody at all
Terror phone flashes “DON'T ANSWER” and bawls

I take a chance you might have changed...not yet
And so his face got rearranged
Besides being rude, his clothes were really sort of strange
Did I mention, this line's prone to cut out at times

I don't know why you call
When there's no answer here, nobody at all
Terror phone flashes “DON'T ANSWER” and bawls

Has something changed since we last met?
What compliment will I now get?
I like it; now you don't look quite so overweight
I don't know why I don't change my number, address and my face

The bell rings, there's a pause, Seberg waits, no further call, I can unpause...
Then the phone! Just how high is my back wall!?!£($&^...
Track Name: Hang On, I Need to Count the Stops Again
This guy is really sort of ok
Maybe the fault's with me
But every time he speaks
Minutes are racked to weeks

Way more intriguing than what he says is:
Why does it make me want to be dead?

All that, then guilt, 'cause nothing he says
Sounds bad retold by me
But each statement's askew
Subtly not quite my view

Can't I just lie in front of the train?
Assenting to platitudes is hurting my brain

Evasive schemes take up each workday
When he's on the phone I flee
Vary my route and speed
And yet boarding there he'll be
Track Name: Goodnight Children
I fell on my bum again
Jussi pushed me not my friend
I mad at him had it first
Give me cake my belly hurts

Arlo dumped out my sea-shells
Then he bit me, now he smells
I was playing football first
Little brothers are the worst
Track Name: A Stoppard Fop is Right Half the Time
An Ernie poster surveys
Some different pressings crossfade
The waning sounds duller by the day
The waxing piercingly play

Obsolescence is my fate
'Cause as my joys dissipate
Out walking I notice less and less
And the world reciprocates

When I was young I believed in canons
A hierarchy of praise
Trapped at the bottom, I grow less certain
Like a free market it's alluring
While everything's still in play
Instead the hair on the head's now thinner and gray...

And flailing I fall offstage
I still had lots of lines left to say
But they continue their play

Obsolescence is my fate
'Cause as my joys dissipate
My turning head fixates less and less
And the world reciprocates

When I was young I believed in canons
A hierarchy of praise
No longer chosen, my faith is shaken
Like a free market it's alluring
While everything's still in play
But now I'm trying hats there might still be a way...
Track Name: The Shit of Sisyphus
Round, and around, and around, each attempt breaks down
Is my method not sound?
First take a random dump, then polish it
But, constipated, I can’t squeeze one bit

So I adjourn til next time

Uneaten reheated leftovers that I pass off as mine
And then force into lines
What possessed me to write this stupid shit?
The tune’s only dactyls, the words never fit

As I adjourn for the night
Unbidden I’m greeted by the right rhyme
Somewhat familiar, but sort of brand new
I’m slowly convinced that I’ve found something true

At least until morning when I review